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We are your professional partner

Tailor-made application software.
The team at NeoBird has long-standing experience in software development. Working together since 10 years, we're able to work with lot's of different development tools and programming languages. We realize solutions for (mobile) web and create desktop applications as well as mobile apps.

Games and Gamification.
Game design and creating applications that people LIKE to use is our passion. Your game or gamified app can be designed to advertise products, to transfer knowledge or to increase user engagement in serious applications.

We will help you to analyse and specify your requirements, find the right solutions and to choose the best fitting technology to produce your software.

● Requirements analysis and strategic consulting
● Development of cross-platform applications
● Design and implementation of gamification-mechanisms
● Game design and game development
● Server and backend solutions

This is what we can do for you


Java Development

J2EE backend and frontend development.
We work with frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.

iOS And Android Apps

iOS and Android Apps

Native development in Objective-C and Java or with cross-platform frameworks.
AppStore and release management.


HTML5 Development

Full cross-platform availability of web content.
Native wrapping to create mobile apps based on web-applications.


Unity 3D

This cross-platform 3D engine is not only suited to create games. We can also build immersive 3D applications for presentations.


Games and Gamification

We use game design mechanisms to create accessible software. Make your serious application as easy to pick up as a game!

3D Modelling And Animations

3D Modelling and Animations

Concept art, 3D modelling, animation and visualisation for games and presentations.

Some of our clients

The NeoBird Team:

As a team, we realize your projects from concept to release. As individuals we support you inhouse with our expertise.

Martin Schiele

Martin Schiele is an experienced project manager and head of development. Prior to founding NeoBird, he was CEO of the Spil Games company qforge GmbH, a company dedicated to the development of online gaming platforms and free-to-play multiplayer games.

Martin Schiele

CEO / Project Manager

Ralf Köhler

Ralf Köhler has over 13 years of experience in software development. He's able to work with a variety of programming languages like Java, C#, PHP and JavaScript and has a deep understanding of software architecture and algorithms.

Ralf Köhler

Senior Developer

Werner Welsch

Werner Welsch developed his first game project when he was 12 years old. In his professional work life as a Senior IT-Consultant, he was in charge of many projects in the .NET and Java world.

Werner Welsch

Senior Software Architect

Lukas Schneider

Lukas Schneider spends his time intensively with visual arts, especially in the field of digital media. His skills in tools like ZBrush, Blender, Photoshop, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 make him a much sought-after 3D- and concept artist.

Lukas Schneider

Senior 2D/3D Artist

Sebastian Baier

Sebastian Baier is a true digital native. His excellent skills in Unity 3D, C#, Html5 and other cross-platform development tools have been sharpened during lots of gaming and non-gaming projects he finished during his years at NeoBird.

Sebastian Baier

Software Developer

The Team

It's not only about the key actors in a company: We at NeoBird are proud to have a great team spirit and an office full of creative and enganged specialists.

The Team

Invaluably Valuable